6 tips to survive oily, second day hair

I belong witht the people that have very oily hair and unfortunatelly live in an area with hard water. That means oily scalp and dry ends are a very common occurense.


A year in planner decorations

I got into planner decorating a few years ago and it has been one of my favorite hobbies ever since. Planning came to save me first, from my inability to remember important dates and tasks and rose to be something I love to do. Decorating my planner may seem ineffective and time consuming to most but it really makes my day beautiful and makes me feel like celebrating every single detail of my life. Of course Pinterest, tumblr and a few post and videos here and there really enforced my need to decorate and so it began.


Winter Skin Blues


I was contacted earlier this month by the Dollar Shave Club, and was asked whether I would be interested in sharing some winter skincare tips. My skin has changed a lot the last few years and when I used to have extremely oily skin even in the winter my skin has become really dry, especially on my forehead. My solution? Combination of skincare items, a certain morning and evening routine and a few tips I will be sharing with you in this post!!!


Fall Collective Haul

Just a few bits and bobs I got recently. Some of them are new and some not so much. Here they are!


Purple eyes and rosy lips

 A few days ago I decided to play around with a little bit more makeup on my face than usual. Purple eyeshadow and taupe eyeliner were the colours I mainly used.


Soft and casual pink makeup

 I feel like (especially lately) I have been using pink on my make up a lot. However I love it a lot and the way it looks on me. I did this make up around the time I first got the cien nude kiss lip gloss and I was really excited about it so the look revolved around it.